Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Kings Update 1/20/09

Due to the sheer number of sporting events I was interested in this weekend, I didn't get around to reviewing the shootout loss to the Dallas Stars. The Kings official website summarized the game by saying, "Kings steal 1 point from Stars." I prefer to say, Kings get best performance since Ducks game but still lose to awful refereeing and an odd shootout lineup. Either way, the team looked improved and Ersberg had an amazing afternoon in goal. Jack Johnson was back, and for some inexplicable reason was thrusted into the shootout lineup, which he failed to come through for, and the defense looked better than it has in over a month. Hopefully the Kings can build off that against the Wild tonight, as this is about as close to a "must-win" regular season game as possible. The Kings could still make a run for a playoff spot, but they need to start winning, and fast.

In other news, my Steelers made it to the super bowl. But that doesn't mean I'm not going to rock my brand new Anze Kopitar away jersey. BOO YA

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