Thursday, January 29, 2009

We? No we are not French, we are American because we are in America

Thats right Cristobal Huet, we are not French.

In my dreams, the first 2 minutes of this video was identical to a pregame confrontation between Dustin Brown and French goalie Cristobal Huet (that didn't actually happen).

This is the result:

In all seriousness, I missed most of the game because of a commitment to take my lady on a date, but the parts I saw (most of the first period and the end of the game) were dominated by the Kings. Glad to see J Quick with an assist and Dustin Brown with 3 points. I am currently watching the replay of the game, and noticed that the faceoff advantage for the Kings is making a difference. The Kings won 39 faceoffs to the Blackhawks 18, with Stoll winning an impressive 15 out of 17 faceoffs. I am going to enjoy the rest of the game, lookout for a weekend update and coverage of the game vs. the Canadiens.

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