Thursday, January 29, 2009

Racist Mascot and other Kings notes

The rigor of being an undergrad student (aka me being lazy) has prohibited me from updating for the past few days, but now that the all-star break is over its time to get back into full-gear.

The last two games (both wins) were enormous for the Kings, both for the statistical column and for confidence. Scoring 11 goals in 2 games, especially on the road, seemed out of the question before the team's short road trip, but that is the nature of the game. One thing that impressed me over the previous two games was the play of former useless body Kyle Calder. Calder had a crucial goal and assist against one of the best defenses in the league (Wild), and then came back the next night against the Avalanche with the opening goal. Calder also had huge contributions on the power play in both games. I'm not sure which line he will fit onto now (Stoll and O'Sullivan?), or if he will stay with Brown and Stoll, but either way hopefully he can continue to produce.

Despite great play by Frolov and JMFJ the past couple games, Dustin Brown has to be the MVP of this mini-turnaround. Brown was +4 in his icetime int he past couple of games, with an outstanding 9 shots on goal. Remember, this is against one of the best defensive teams in the league (the Wild), and against a team with a solid defense despite awful goaltending (Avs). The all-star has scored a goal in each of the past 3 games and been a force on the ice as always. After an undoubtedly long all-star weekend, hopefully Brown can sustain the level of play hes shown in the past three.

Tonight the Kings face the hockey team from Chicago and their racist mascot. Chief Flying Puck and the rest of the Awwkee tribe comes into the Staples Center after playing against the Ducks last night. The Kings have had relative success against the Blackhawks on their home ice, so hopefully we can get a third straight win and get to 20-20-7

Game preview to come later.

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