Friday, January 16, 2009

Kings v. Red Wings Review: Kings offense is offensive

No, the title of the game review isn't a redundant lesson in redundancy. The Kings offense literally offends me. No one is man enough to shoot the puck. Going over everything that has been wrong the past three games would look more like an epic novel rather than a short blog update, but here are some quick notes and observations on the game.

1st goal: Gauthier and Preissing utterly worthless. Way too much space in goal, if Ersberg and Quick were both in goal it wouldnt have made a difference.

Boyle adds on to the pain with a boneheaded penalty

More ugly defense on the powerplay goal that made it 2-0. Awful defense by O'Donnell

Kopitar was agressive for the first two periods, looked like his old self minus actually putting the puck in the net ... baby steps

Still no one to snipe and score on the Power Play.

Way too many passing lanes open, looked like the Wings were almost toying with the men in velvet.

Quick lazy on the 3rd and 4th goals, Gauthier awful again on the 3rd. Hopefully this guy is done after Johnson's return (which could be as soon as the Stars game this weekend).

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