Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Player Midseason Grades


Anze Kopitar C (Goals: 11 Assists: 22 +/-: -7)
Kopitar really hasn't lived up to the expectations this year. He has hit somewhat of a scoring funk lately and hasn't played up to his talent. He is timid with the puck in the offensive side, and has become a liability at times on defense. He is still the team's leading scorer but much better things should be expected from Anze and maybe the closed-door meeting the Kings had after the Lightning debacle will give Kopitar some sort of divine realization that he needs to play better and more aggressive

Alexander Frolov B- (Goals: 17 Assists: 11 +/-: 0)
Frolov has also been a disappointment. He has been playing awful lately, especially last night against the Lightning and a couple of days ago against the Devils. I think pairing him up with Kopitar, even though they are similar players, would be a good way to jump start their offensive production.

Dustin Brown A- (Goals: 14 Assists: 14 +/-: -8)
Dustin Brown has been the brightest spot for the Kings so far (in my mind). The guy crushes people, which makes a losing team fun to watch. Hopefully his points pick up in the second half of the season.

Patrick O'Sullivan C- (Goals: 9 Assists: 14 +/-: 1)

O'Sullivan has been downright awful lately, there is no other way to put it. He hasn't recorded a point since he got an assist the day after Christmas against the Coyotes. Thats 7 games without points, and he is -5 throughout that span. I feel like a C- is generous at this point, hopefully the 23 year old can show me something the second half of the season.

(Jarret Stoll B+ Goals: 9 Assists: 12 +/-: 5)
Stoll has been a great all-around player for the Kings so far. He wins faceoffs, and hes a good offensive and defensive forward. I'd like to see him get more shifts on ice, especially in the last Devils game (19) and Ducks game (15). All-in-all, solid half of a season for Stoll.

Michal Handzus C+ (Goals: 7 Assists: 10 +/-: -5)
Handzus has been fairly solid throughout the year. He's had 2 game winning goals which is pretty impressive for a team that both hasn't won a lot of games, and relies on other players for offense. Regardless, just like most of the Kings players, I'd like to see Handzus be more aggressive in the offensive zone and try to create shots for himself.

Oscar Moller B (Goals: 6 Assists: 13 +/-: -2)
I feel like an incomplete grade would better suit the 19 year old Swede but I decided to give him a "real" grade. He will supposedly be re-evaluated after the all star game, after playing with a fractured clavicle (which just plain sounds nasty) in the world junior championships. Looked good in the beginning of the season, can't wait to get him back.

Kyle Calder B- (Goals: 4 Assists: 8 +/-: 1)
One of the veterans on the team, his shifts have been dwindling lately (averaging 11 shifts per game in the last 3 games). He had a strong game against Detroit last time so maybe he will see more ice time this thursday. Don't have much to complain about here but nothing too spectacular.

Wayne Simmonds B+ (Goals: 4 Assists: 4 +/-: -3)
Simmonds has really impressed me so far, especially on the penalty kill unit. He will be a solid 2-way forward some day, and hopefully the 20 year old right winger will see more action in the second half.

Raitis Ivanans D- (Goals: 2 Assists: 0 +/-:8)
I can't believe Ivanans has played in every game this year. Let Dustin Brown check people around, the Kings don't need him on the ice for more than a couple of minutes per game. I don't know if I really expect anything better, but I wish to see less of Ivanans in the second half.

Zeiler, Moulson, Richardson, Boyle, Armstrong, Lewis and Purcell all receive incompletes until they get more ice time.

Defense and Goalies tomorrow.

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