Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Midseason Review Part 2.


Kyle Quincy B- (Goals: 3 Assists: 20 +/-: 0)
He has been fairly effective on the offensive end, but the defense has been downright awful. His +/- isn't too bad but he has been -2 or worse on the ice 5 times including 2 -3 games and 1 -4 game. Maybe he needs a different pairing on the ice, but the defense really has been atrocious.

Drew Doughty A- (Goals: 3 Assists: 9 +/-: -6)
The second overall pick from last year's draft has been great so far. Coming into the league at age 18 (now 19) I don't know how much more a fan could ask from the guy. He got injured in the last game against TB but I don't think it was anything serious. Once Johnson returns to health, these two will form a mean first defensive line.

Peter Harrold D- (Goals: 3 Assists: 7 +/-: -7)
In the pre-season hockey review mag I picked up, it predicted the Kings to finish last place in the Pacific Division. More specifically, it stated that the Kings had the worst defensive personnel in the league. Thats debatable, in my mind. Regardless of what I believe about the Kings overall defensive performance so far (which is improved from last year), there is no doubt that Harrold is one of the worst defensemen in the league thats getting significant ice time. It might be my Badger Bias, but maybe bring Joe Piksula up to the big club and give him a shot. Harrold is atrocious on the defensive end.

Sean O'Donnell C+ (Goals: 0 Assists: 7 +/-: 1)

O'Donnell is a pretty solid player who seems to be improving. He has seen more ice time than expected after losing Johnson. Hopefully he will give room to improve and continue playing adequate hockey after Johnson's return.

Matt Greene B+ (Goals: 1 Assists: 5 +/0: 5)
To be honest, I like Matt Greene. I think the trade for him and Stoll really has worked out well for the Kings. It hasn't translated to many points in the standings, but Stoll and Greene are both solid players.

Denis Gauthier F (Goals: 0 Assists: 2 +/-: -7)

Awful, vomit-inducing pile o' manure. This year, I have the urge to look away every time he is on the ice.


Erik Ersberg B (GAA: 2.48 Save %: .898)

Was solid and reliable until the injury, and then coming off the injury (Monday against TB) he looked atrocious. Still the guy generally keeps the opposing team under 3 goals, but that doesn't always equal a win when your offense is the second lowest scoring in the league.

Jonathan Quick A (GAA: 2.04 Save %: .927)
I'm fair, I will admit when I am bias and just plain like a player. I really like Jonathan Quick. Maybe because his name is awesome (Rick would be a better first name), or maybe because he is young and could bring some stability to the position for the first time in close to forever, but I like him. He has only played in 10 games this year, hopefully he can continue to impress me (for the sake of the Kings, and my slightly sketchy man-love).

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